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Information Architects is a technology company focused on the delivery of "Cornerstone" technologies.  Cornerstone technologies are the core platforms that support the rest of your business.  Your network, servers, storage, internet security and core operating systems all fall into this category.  Today, we focus much more on "Virtualization" of these technologies, allowing companies to do more with less hardware and complexity.  In addition, our SystemSentry™ Managed Services Platform enables us to remotely monitor, update and support your environment with a staff of experts having many, many years of experience. 

Why choose IA?

Businesses rely on technology to give them a competitive edge, help streamline processes or simply manage the simple, mundane, everyday tasks that come with running a business.  No matter how large or how small your business is, those tools need to perform as expected, all of the time.  At Information Architects (IA), we believe that these critical tools require solid foundations. Whether it be the hardware platform, network access, security, high-availability, recovery or any other component of the overall solution; Information Architects can help you to build solutions that will stand the test of time.

CRITICAL RECALL - APC Surge Protectors Print

APC has just recalled millions of surge protectors, often used by businesses and homes to protect computer equipment.  If you have these units, please contact the number in the article for your replacement(s).


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